Best Tent Stakes For Anywhere You’re Going


A tent stake is also known widely as a tent peg, and is a spike which could be hooked at the top, or have a hole at the end of it. Tent stakes can be made from a wide range of material such as wood, plastic, metal or combinations of different materials. They are inserted into the ground via pushing or knocking in with a mallet, and hold tent cords or direct parts of a tent in order to secure it to the ground.

Usually, a brand new tent comes with a set of standard tent stakes which are commonly made from metal and have a hook on the end. They are designed for light, summer camping but, those who camp in more challenging areas and weather are unlikely to find these satisfactory.

A lot of experienced campers choose to use a variety of tent stakes for different circumstances, but first, we will help you understand the different types better, so you don’t have to waste time or energy making common tent stake mistakes on your camping trips.

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